The need for electricity in Berau Regency, until now is not distributed evenly to all people. Especially, those living in the outback. Such as Bena Baru Village, Sambaliung Subdistrict. Electricity in this culture vilage only last for 12 hours

As the contribution to the development of Bumi Batiwakkal, PT Berau Coal in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, has develop the electricity infrastructure in Bena Baru Village since 2014 . Las Wednesday (11/1), the development of electricity infrastructure is inaugurated directly by the Regent of Berau Muharram.

Head of Mining Technique, Gatot Budi Kuncahyo, which represent the management of PT Berau Coal stated that the success of electricity infrastructure in Bena Baru is the cooperation between Berau Government, PLN Area Berau and the community. This is a positive contribution of PT Berau Coal, espeially in supporting the “Berau Terang” as one of the development program in Berau.

“In this era, electricity is one basic need of the people to be met. Therefore, before the realization of electricity infrastructure, the company has already help the community in Bena Baru with 1 unit of genset and supply of diesel fuel every month and routine maintenance to the genset since 2008,” Gatot said in his speech during the inauguration of electricity in Bena Baru, yesterday.

The help of electricity from PT Berau Coal were, among others, Medium Voltage Lines (SUTM) for 2.7 Km, Low Voltage Lines (SUTR) for 1.9 Km, 1 unit transformer 250 KVA, crossing grid of SUTR to 50 poles, foding 36 meters and 1 unit of ladder, connection installation to 170 houses with the electric power of 1300 VA/6A and church and the Operational Certificate of the  SUTM, SUTR and transformer. Total cost required for the construction was IDR 2 billion.

“Bena Baru is the ninth village around PT Berau Coal which received CSR in form of electricity infrastructure. Other villages that will receive the aid were Sambakungan, Pegat Bukur, Inaran, Pulau Besing, Tumbit dayak, Rantau Panjang, Suaran, and Tasuk,” Gatot added.

In addition to electricity, during 2016, several community empowerment programs have also been implemented in Bena Baru Village. These program were, transportation support for the students, scholarship for college students, community health check, village health services, nutrient post operation, early age growth program, and construction of basic sanitation.

“We hope that with the operation of electricity for 24 hours in Bena Baru, it can improve the activities of education, religious, health, culture, and economic development so that the people are more developed and independent,” he explained.

Regent of Berau, Muharram agree with the statement from Head of Mining Technique PT Berau Coal, Gatot Budi Kuncahyo. Muharram expected that the electricity program for Bena Baru Village can have positive impact to the community. Especially to improve economy, which finally increase the prosperity of the people.

Muharram explained that the 24-hours electricity in Bena Baru will minimize the social jealousy to other villages. “We should be thankful with the concern from PT Berau Coal in supporting the fulfillment of electricity. This of course very helpful for Berau Government in improving the development, moreover in current condition of budget deficit which surely disturb the development,” Muharram explained.

Muharram said that although there is already 24 hours electricity, it is the time for the community to contribute by using and maintain the electricity well. Because it will be useless if the construction of electricity infrastructure is not balanced with the good use and maintenance.

“The use must be careful so as to prevent the disaster caused by 24 hours electricity, such as fire, and not a good use. Additionally, we must also conserve power to save the cost,” he concluded.