TANJUNG REDEB – Smart house, one of the flagship programs in the pillar of Education and IPTEK of Berau Coal CSR. It was recorded that there have been 10 smart house constructed in several mentored kampungs. In addition of being full of books, there are also supporting facilities such as computer to be used by the community.

In order to strengthen the non-formal education to encourage the community independence, there is also computer training in the smart house since 30 November 2015 to 31 January 2016. The interesting thing is that the training itself was given in person by students from Akademi Komunitas (AK) Berau, majoring Informatics System.

Although the formal education of two years diploma (D2) is relatively new, the students of AK Berau were in fact very competent in theory and practice of computer training.  One of them was Mustakim, who was interviewed during the teaching session in the smart house of Kampung Tasuk, Kecamatan Gunung Tabur (28/1).

He explained that the computer training has been done since January 19. He said that there are many benefits from the computer training, not only for the school students but all residents can participate in the training to get to know with the computer.

“Computer training is very important, especially those in kampung. Because some of them are rarely utilize the computer to support their capacity in the technology usage,” he said.

He added that during the computer training, the residents of kampung Tasuk are very enthusiastic in listening to the materials. Additionally, each participants in the training also shows positive progress.

“Much progress has been made and at the moment, those participating in the training are able to operate Microsoft Word, create table in Excel, and create basic presentation,” he said.

He expect that all knowledge being passed on can be immediately in use, and if necessary, there will be additional meeting to accelerate the progress.

Meanwhile, Meli, a student of SMP 8 Teluk Bayur, who attended the computer training, was very excited to the program from Berau Coal.

Before the training, Meli can only use her laptop for entertainment, but after participating the training in several days, she can operate computer well.

“It is very beneficial for me. Many insight was obtained from the program. We learn from the basic and finally know the correct usage of the technology,” she concluded.

Computer training by students from AK Berau in the smart house has been conducted in Birang, Mrancang Ulu, Bukit Makmur, Pulau Besing, Gurimbang, and Teluk Bayur with total participants of 223 persons. AGS/FSO