“Friday, we are the traffic” a suitable phrase to describe Bike to Work Berau Coal community’s spirit on every Friday. Various brand and type of bikes filled up the head office parking area on that morning until entered to a motorbike parking space.

“Today is so great, I proud to be a Berau Coal worker”, said the Sub Section Head Zainal GA whilst parking his bike. “I can meet my colleagues along the road cycling their bikes enthusiastically.  What we have campaigned so far for it, finally supported by the company. I wish we could be a great movement”, he continued.

Since 15th January 2015, PT Berau Coal had made a few of revolutions to support energy efficiency movements, for example to suggest the employees to bike or walk to work to the office, at least once a week.

“Besides the energy efficiency, we can also reduce the air pollution and many other health benefits”, said Head of Mining Engineering of PT Berau Coal H. Gatot Budi Kuncahyo.

He said that cycling and walking program to work once a week was originally from a company’s socialization to save energy, keep Earth and environment safe, had been a concern of the company. “To respond this socialization, there is an initiative from the employees to make a cycling and walking program or better known as Bike to Work or Walk to Work which are supported by PT Berau Coal Management. We warmly welcome on this initiative and has appealed to all employees”, he explained.

That program originally always did on Thursdays, but now is on Fridays, expected it would be a first momentum which had got a support from the company management. “Friday is a result from an agreement of the team by considering the effectiveness of that program, the rest is up to the employees, they would go cycling or walking everyday or not”, added Gatot.

According to Gatot, the benefits from this program are to make more economical from the fuel consumption for the employees and healthier that could affect a healthy lifestyle.

Be a part of our movement !

“Let’s change your habit, be more active, and keep our body fit forever”. Those words always motivate Maranu Lande, a Secretary Head of Mining Engineering. A mother of these three kids who was born 21st October 1973 in Palopo (South Sulawesi), is very consistent in cycling to work.

Ranu, her nickname admitted that she had been used to cycle to her office since 2014. No wonder if Ranu looks fit and younger. “I think I always ride my bicycle”, she laughed. Not only the distance is not so far, but she also pays attention a lot to the environmental preservation and her healthy by cycling.

Everyday she gets on her bike from her home in Jalan Durian 2. “I ride indeed a bike to work for doing sport. Because of both a worker and housewife, I am very difficult to take my time on exercise”, revealed Ranu.

She has realized the benefits of cycling and committed the bicycling as her lifestyle. “I started cycling to work and some other places since 2004 before getting married and I consistently do it until now, but I used to off during pregnancy and childbirth”, Isaac’s wife said,

She admitted that cycling kept her body fit and stayed slim. economic, and there was no worries when the fuel-price increased. The most important, she feels more focus and energetic at work. “I think cause of the warming up before cycling, so that’s why I don’t feel sleepy while working,”she said.