PT Berau Coal show the commitment in developing arts and cultural field in Berau, particularly for the society at Kampung Tumbit Dayak, Sambaliung district.

Inauguration of the Sunta traditional house coincided with Bekudung Betiung traditional festival. That traditional house was built with the support from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Berau Coal program.

The traditional festival  was not able to be separated from PT Berau Coal who made the Bekudung Betiung as an annual event at Kampung Tumbit Dayak.

Community Relation Department Head of PT Berau Coal, La Ode Ilyas revealed, “PT Berau Coal pays special attention to this event, because we want to make Kampung Tumbit Dayak as a cultural village”.

For the first step, PT Berau Coal had built Sunta and will be developing other infrastructures. starting from the entrance gate. “We will rebuild all the Gaai endangered cultures to be a Dayak Gaai center in Berau. Later, the people and tourists who want to dig up the informations about the Dayak Gaai, could be answered here”, he explained.

PT Berau Coal also convoyed the Bekudung Betiung show from the preparation until the performance. “We would make Berau to be meaningful. We want to give unforgettable memories”, he revealed.

Meanwhile,  Senior Manager PT Berau Coal Nanang Abay Said said, though these activities are an annual events of PT Berau Coal, all the event rundowns are handed over to the community as committees. “We respect to their custom and culture, and we want to revive them”, he explained.

Teddy wished that the Suntan and the Bekudung Betiung ceremony show could be an iconic culture in Berau. PT Berau Coal focuses on the infrastructures development planning of culture centre.

“Our next homework is how to expose the activities,  so the tourists will visit here and watch the events”, he said.

Beside the traditional events, Bekudung Betiung filled with speeches of the officials and community leaders.

The Tumbik village indigenous Dayak leader, Jiang Bos, on his speech expressed gratitude that was not measurable and thanked to donors to make the traditional event this year merrier.

“We would like to thank those who have contributed to this event,” he said.

Jiang boss told about that the fund for helding Bekudung Betiung show at Kampung Tumbit Dayak. First fund came from the Allocation Fund Village (ADK) about Rp 30 million, Berau Government Rp 40 million, PT Berau Coal Rp 75 million, and PT BUMA Rp 10 million.

bakudung batiung 1 - CopyJiang boss added that the existing funds have not predicted, how much had been used. “Because the event does not stop here, but there are activities that we have not done, and for transport the guests from seven other villages will also be funded by the committees.

Meanwhile, The leader of Kampung Tumbit Dayak, Sunarsih said that implementation of the traditionsl event Bekudung Betiung is an obligation for the Dayak Gaai tribe, so the indigenous history will not extinct later. He hoped that this history is not only known by the local community, but also the people who live outside area.

“Of course I have submited a request for Kampung Tumbit Dayak society in order to access easily to the village by building the bridge,” said Sunarsih.

Sunarsih added that At Kampung Tumbit Dayak village has a special attraction for tourists who want to know the culture of Dayak Gaai tribe. “Moreover, there is a discourse of PT Berau Coal to make Kampung Tumbit Dayak as a Cultural Village,” she explained. Therefore, Sunarsih hoped that the government can facilitate the accesses to the village.

The Head Gverment of Berau Distric, Makmur HAPK  supported and appreciated to the efforts of PT Berau Coal to make Kampung Tumbit Dayak as a Cultural Village. According to him, it can provide the economic impact for the community. “Of course, this will provide a very positive impact,” he added.

Makmur wished that those traditional events can be packed with the best and did not conflict with the religion and norms that exist, so it can be used as a unity of country. Because we build the Berau Regency neither from the money or scholars, but from the togetherness and unity,” he said.