At the start of PT Berau’s operating activities, most of the villages within the mining area did not have access to electricity. In 1999, PT Berau established an electrification project to bring electricity access to villages within the mining area. Surveys were conducted at villages within the mining area to determine population and number of households in order to plan for electrification needs. This survey data is updated on a regular basis.

Initially, PT Berau’s village electrification project involved provision of generators and fuel assistance. From 2009, PT Berau contributed to the installation charges for connection to the national grid and, until the end of 2013, 1,203 households had been connected to generators and 660 households had been connected to the national grid.

2013 Input

  • Provision of generators and fuel assistance to 620 households across three villages.
  • Provided installation charges of US$151k for 351 households across one village.

2013 Output

  • 620 households received electricity from 8.00pm to 8.00am daily.
  • 351 households successfully connected to the national grid with 24 hours’ electricity supply (connection made, but awaiting final permit from energy supplier to operate).

The outcomes of the village electrification project are as follows:

  • Enables religious classes and community activities at mosques and churches to be conducted.
  • Rise in local cottage industries.
  • Improved facilities at local community health centres as electrical appliances can be installed.
  • Water treatment plants made available to provide clean water to households.