In cooperation with the Resort Police of Berau, PT Berau Coal organized a socialization of legal counseling in the villages around the mine. The theme of expression of opinion in public and ethics of traffic order was the central topic of discussio in this socialization.


Aiptu Irwan Subekti, Head of People Police Guidenace Unit of People Guidance Unit (Kanit Binpolmas Sat Binmas), who were the presenter in the event, explained the procedure of safety riding, the cause of traffic accident, and legal basis for the traffic violators.

“This is done to suppress the accident rate and prevent the riders to get trafic fine,” he said.

Regarding the materials, one of the village chief, Muchtar, realized that in his village closes to the BC mine area as the National Vital Object. Therefore, his said that this counseling is very important in educating the people regarding the regulation of National Vital Object.

“Currently, if there is a problem between the people and the company, we usually settle the problem in deliberation to reach consensus,” he explained.

Furthermore, Security Manager of BC, Hindarjo, said that the legal counseling will be conducted routinely in all villages around the BC mine. “Hopefully, the counseling will improve the understanding of people towads legal aspect,” he concluded.