IMG_1817Pulau Besing is one of the village in Lati site which popular with tilapia farming center. The village is currently able to produce seeds and sell them to other tilapia farmers in the villages around Lati.

Harsono, Head of Pulau Besing village said, its started in 2010, PT Berau Coal helped tilapia hatching, feeding and making the fish pond plots were initially contained 8 ponds with the size of each 10×10 m. Then they breed consistently and now have been successful.

The success of their village in tilapia farming, braved him to take challenge whom leads approximately 70 heads of families to increase the potential for other aquaculture, such as local prawns from Pulau Besing.

“We also have prawns as other aquaculture potential and their competitiveness is better than Java”, said the man born 48 years ago. It is proven that the prawns have super quality, only for each 5 prawns, their weight gain of one kilogram.

IMG_1823One advantage possessed by the prawns from Pulau Besing, can be harvested very fast only at three months from seeds sized a little finger length (Tampassik). From the fishery potential and assistance of seeds provided by the Department of Marine and Fishery (DKP) for Berau Regency, Harsono wishes that in the near future there will be a prawns fishing only in Pulau Besing, Berau.

He hopes his village could be better known as a fishing prawns spot, nothing compared to other places in Berau, besides tilapia farming center. Not only that, by making huts on the edge of a fishing pond and barbeque facilities will give a different sensation for visitors. In addition, the existence of the ironwood bridge will be very nice, running along the tidal river through the village.

“Tilapia and catfish fishing ponds have already existed in Berau, but if there are prawns fishing, it obviously will be very great,” ended Harsono with smiling. His dream is not without reason, because if the  bridge from Merancang to Pulau Besing has completed, needs attraction places to attract tourists for visiting, the targets are fishing manias and fisheries food enthusiasts.

Harsono hopes the local governments and relevant parties can always support the realization of that mission to develop the economic of Pulau Besing and later being an independent village.