Harvest event held by PT Berau Coal (BC) in Kampung Binungan, Subdistrict of Sambaliung, Saturday (23/1) yesterday, was a proof that the former mining land can be utilized for plantation. At least 725 species of Rapiah rambutan tree, Garuda and Binjai were growing and fruitful on an area of 3 hectares.

In this harvest time, not only attended by the employee and his wife, but also attended by the local community such as Kampung Pegat Bukur, Bena Baru and Inaran came to mingle with the employees to enjoy the sweetness of rambutan.

Rambutan harvest yesterday was opened by Feri Indrayana, GM Operations BC. Residents who came were very enthusiastic to join the harvest. With a sack brought from home, residents came with the spirit of plucking rambutan. This too happened to the wives of employees who attended who did not want to be outdone. Utilizing a plastic bag provided by the committee, the wives of the employees with the spirit of plucking rambutan while occasionally tasting the fruits.

Arif Lukman Hakim, Environment Superintendent BMO BC, said that the harvest was done as a form of socialization to the community, especially around the BC mine that the former mining area can be planted with fruits. In fact, this land has been harvested six times, since last cultivated in 2012.

This proves that the former mining land is still productive to make for plantations. Unlike the issues that had been going around in the community that the ex-mining land was a scourge for residents around the area.

“Today we have proven that in the mining area the yields are quite abundant. This year is also the biggest harvest from the previous harvest, “he said.

Not only rambutan trees, in the same area, PT Berau Coal has also planted durian fruit and Kelengkeng approximately 462 trees. “For Kelengkeng tree they have been harvested. The yields are not much, because we only planted a small number of trees. Durian trees are targetted to be harvested in two more years, “said Arif.

Keep in mind , the former mining land use is intended for the development of rambutan plantation with superior seeds through the program of corporate social responsibility or CSR done by BC, and will be submitted to the District Government (Pemkab) of Berau when PT Berau Coal is no longer in operation. (EDS)