Zero Accident is the prestigious achievement in mining business. Therefore, with the purpose of improving the performance of the previous years.

In the beginning of 2014, Sambarata Mine Operation (SMO) Management has launched the program

“1 month of zero accident“, using the slogan “work smart no accident”.

Wandi, Vice Head of Mining Technique SMO said, the determination of Zero Accident is

a difficult effort, because it relates to the thousands of mining workers. However, with continuous sharing, resolutive inspection, good cooperation, one language, all

departments are solid to secure its respective area, and awareness to zero accident, the result if Zero Accident at the end of December 2015.

“Work partners as the executor of mining should maintain the equipment well, and be observant to the hazard potential. The field executors should understand more that the accident is a great cost. The worker in the filed shouldunderstand the essence of efficiency,” Wandi added.

Therefore, as the feeling of gratitude to the zero accident achievement, on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, an event of Lontong Sayur and Rambutan Feast in SMO was held, which was attended by all employees and representatives of Work Partners.

“How to maintain the achievement? It is indeed difficult. However, by implementing what is being the fundamental, obedience to the procedure, proper equipment, application of slogan in correct manner

and consistent, the achievement will be improved, moreover the future challenge is getting greater. In 2016, we must care more to the details, which potentially can trigger accident

with high cost,” explained Wandi in the midst of event.

One of the effort of SMO management to care more to the safety is the rotating of 3 safety talk trophy every month. 2 trophy (gold and black)

for internal department. Gold means every target has been achieved, and black means

no target has been achieved. And 1 trophy for individual, which is the most incident rapporteur.

“The implementation of rotating trophy as the reward for the target achievement and under-achievement including the syukuran ceremony is the self awareness which result in Zero Accident,” said Wansi. (AGS)