GUNUNG TABUR- For the purpose of improving the sustainable development, Dharma Bhakti Berau Coal Foundation (YDBBC) as the manager of corporate social responsbility (CSR) PT Berau Coal has implemented synchronization of Community Development and Empowerment Program (Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PPM)).

Gradually, PPM starts from mentored kampung in ring one or which is directly adjacent to the operation of Berau Coal, such as in Kantor Kecamatan Gunung Tabur, last Friday (29/1).

In the event openned by Camat Gunung Tabur Nazaruddin, it was also attended by four staff from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and  head of Kampung Birang, Tasuk, Maluang, Sambakungan as well as several public figures.

Plan and Development Program CSR, Akhid Yusron Riyadi, explained that the synchronization of community development and empowerment program is routinely conducted to find out what are the programs required by the community, not what they want, in order to realize the independent sustainable development  in the future.

He explained that the mechanism this year has been changed slightly, if at first one kecamatan directly received massive improvement, it is now conducted gradually, especially in kampungs which is directly adjacent to the mining operations of Berau Coal.

Then, since the long time, the resdients are already notified that the operating permit of Working Agreement on Coal Mining Exploitation (PKP2B) PT Berau Coal of which  included in the first generation and will end in 2025, this should be noted by the people that Berau Coal will not exist forever.

“Therefore, please figure out, what should be built in kampung if the mining is no longer exist. We still have at least 10 years to build sustainable economy in the kampung, therefore, when the mining is over, sustainable economy should have been established,” said Akhir.

In order to establish sustainable economy, it requires good Human Resource Development. Therefore, HRD is important because nowadays, quality is everything.

“If last year, we only talk about quantity or size, we should now talk about quantity so that in the future, everything will be better. Additionally, the religious and social value is also important for the people in order to run the program,” he said.

Meanwhile, after having clear picture on the outline of kampung in ring one in this first area, the schedule is set for the synchronization for the kampung in ring two and three.

Syncrhonization of PPM in ring one has been implemented from 26 to 29 January 2016, and the mentored kampung are Suaran, Rantau Panjang, Pegat Bukur, Inaran, Bena Baru, Sei Bedungun, Gunung Panjang, Tumbit Melayu, Rinding, Tasuk, Birang, Maluang, Sambakungan, Tumbit Dayak dan Long Lanuk. FSO