It is not easy to present Tri Mumpuni from the Institute of Business and Community Economy (IBEKA). The women entitled the “Sang Penerang Desa”, has almost 4 hours give a speech to around one hundred village chiefs and head of subdistrict in 13 subdistrict on the boosting of economy, especially the potential of electric energy.

As being experienced in all regencies in East Kalimantan (Kaltim), to establish independent power plant, the chances are already gone.  This has caused the regional leaders to think hard, so that they can provide services, especially to develop power network in all villages.

From the existing record, the rate of electrification in Berau Regency is relatively high. It closes to 70 percents. However, for the Vice Regent of Berau, Agus Tantomo which chaired the meeting supported by PT Berau Coal in Balai Mufakat, last 7 December 2016 , the figure was far from sufficient.

“People is not only own their lighting at home. Ideally, people in the village may acquire electricity not far from those in Tanjung Redeb,” Agus said.

This of course can be solved by providing sufficient energy sources. He added, it is impossible for the people in Kampung Teluk Sumbang or Kampung Long Duhung and Kampung Long Sului to do economy activities where the electric energy support is not sufficient.

People surely want to enjoy sufficient electricity to get into their places. Therefore, the Vice Regent presented Tri Mumpuni an Iskandar Kuntoaji, which proof their work in developing power plant in the village which has never existed before.

In front of the village chiefs, Tri Mumpuni described the method of providing electricity utilizing the village potential. May villages are situated in the river stream areas.  This is potential to be developed as the large potential of energy and capable of fulfilling the people’s expectation. Other technology uses micro hydro, solar power and biogas. “This is a very abundant source of energy owned by all villages”, Tri Mumpuni said.

In addition to give description, developing area potential, Tri Mumpuni who also have many experience and awards from various countries will also provide 50 workforce based on choices that will live in the village for the next one year.

They are called “the Patriot”. They are youth with high dedication. It is assured that they will help the village community to manage all existing potential. It is not only to empower the water potential for power plant.

It is also help the village to boos the economic life of the community. The presence of Tri Mumpuni was recognized by the village chiefs as a accurate breakthrough. The villages with different characteristics will be capable to realize their expectation that no more difference between the village and the capital of the regency in terms of electricity.

As many as 50 Patriots will be deployed in February 2017 to answer the existing problems. Of course it is not only about the electricity; other potential of economy will also arise as the flagship products. With strong determination, all will be resolved. “We are very supporting the program”, Villge Chief of Gurimbang, Madri Pani, said (hms/app/fso).