SAMBALIUNG – Commitment of PT Berau Coal (BC) to the villages around the mines is implemented in various activities. The latest one, Regent of Berau, H. Muharram, S.Pd, M.M officially inaugurated infrastructure program of BC, TK Masari and Village Hall in Gurimbang Village which was also attended by the Muspika of Sambaliung Subdistrict and the people of Gurimbang.

The village hall, which is used as a place of people gathering, was actually finished its construction in last December 2015, but it was officially inaugurated along with other finished infrastructures. The village hall is situated in the middle of a pond, constructed using wooden material of 12 meters square, which may accommodate 50 people. Because it is in the middle of the pond, BC also construct a bridge of 15 meters in length.

Education is also BC’s focus of attention. Therefore, a kindergarten was built which was named Masari, in size of 126 meters square. The construction of TK Masari, which was finished in last November, is expected to be a place of learing and playing for the early age kids. TK Masari, which is 126 meters square in size, has one techer’s room and two classroms which accomodate 25 students each.

In addition to the infrastructure, currently, the third phase of the mosque construction in size of 400 meters square was conducted as the 15th infrastructure program in Kampung Gurimbang. The three buildings uses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund from BC.

General Manager CSR of PT Berau Coal, Horas Parsaulian Pardede explained that the infrastructure program will be beneficial in the long term. Therefore the benefits for the village people will be passed on to the following generations to come.

“We hope that the construction of several infrastructures and 4 pillar programs in Gurimbang Village may be beneficial for the community in realizing the independence and sustainability,” he concluded.Madri2