Type: Thermal Coal

Concession area: 118,400ha

Total Reserves: 512mt

Coal Contract of Work (“CCoW”): Concession granted to PT Berau until 2025, with further extensions envisaged.

Asia Resource Minerals plc is a FTSE listed resources company with an 84.7% controlling interest in PT Berau, the fifth-largest thermal coal producer in Indonesia. PT Berau has three principal open cut mining operations: Lati, Binungan and Sambarata, located in a 118,400 hectare concession area in East Kalimantan. Production of thermal coal is blended to adjust the overall quality grade of the product, with current calorific values ranging from 5,000 kcal/kg to 5,700 kcal/kg (on a ‘gross as received’ basis) for use mainly in coal fired power plants.

Operations map detailing locations
Legend detailing items on operations map
2013 2012
Thermal Coal 100% basis (million tonnes) ARM attributable share (million tonnes) 100% basis (million tonnes) ARM attributable share (million tonnes)
Proven  233 178 190 145
Probable 279 212 298 227
Total Reserves 512 390 488 372