The strategy of education and knowledge built by PT Berau Coal is based on the philosophy that mining is non-renewable while human is a renewable resource. If the company succeeds to enhance the quality of local people’s education, it expected that the people will have been creative and independent to survive and achieve welfare when the mining resources are exhausted.

To enable the people to be independent, PT Berau Coal is committed to finish 12 year education as proclaimed by the government. Not only educational and scholarship facilities, PT Berau Coal has also provided transportations such as free boats and land vehicles to the students of the Villages of Benabaru, Inaran, and Tumbit Dayak, in Sambaliung District and other remote areas in Berau, East Kalimantan.

PT Berau Coal has also provided boarding houses to the students who live in remote areas and do not have accesses of main roads and transportations. At the houses, the students are provided with free accomodations and able to use library facility from PT Berau Coal.

Up to the end of 2013, PT Berau Coal in collaboration with Education Office of Berau Regency and Ministry of Education had given full scholarships to 65 selected high school graduates to continue study to higher institutions in Java and Kalimantan Islands, including at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), State University of Malang, State University of Jember, Politeknik Jember, Pembangunan Nasional Veteran University of Yogyakarta, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Polman ASTRA Jakarta, Brawijaya University of Malang, Health Polytechnic of Malang, State Polytechnic of Balikpapan and Mulawarman University.

PT Berau Coal’s education program is aimed at enhancing the quality of human resources and community access to formal and informal education. to implement this program, the company cooperates with the government and related offices, and education advisors.

The following comdev activities elaborated the works on the pillar of education and Knowledge.

  1. The 12-year Compulsory education program aimed at providing supporting facilities for students to finish the compulsory education for 12 years
  2. School improvement program
  3. Early year education for Children (Paud)
  4. The scholarship program
  5. The smart House
  6. Dayak punan KAT (Komunitas Adat Terpencil) education