PT Berau Coal understands that quality and competency of human resources is key to achieve its vision as the biggest mining company in Indonesia.  And thus, the achievements by the company so far are result of qualified, experienced and highly dedicated human resources. All of employees at PT Berau Coal are the best of Indonesian people who are qualified and committed to uphold corporate values and has a strong teamwork spirit in order to meet global challenges. Human resources performance improvement is wellmanaged and integrated. The management conduct regular, structured and measured performance appraisal. The success of PT Berau Coal in developing and nurturing sustainable human resources create a stable working environment which in returns encourage maximum productivity.

The human resources development (HRD) in PT Berau Coal is directed to supporting the corporate main focus on exploration, planning and supervision on mining activities. For this reason, the human resource structure in  pt Berau Coal is adapted to the main focus. Today the human resource structure in the company consists of  three elements, namely (1) organic employees; (2) Manpower supply outsourcing (MSO) Workers; and (3) Business process outsourcing (BPO) Workers.

Based on the belief that competent human resources are the main assets in supporting the Company’s business growth in the future, the Company is fully committed to  continuously improving the quality of its human resources by raising the competency of its employees as professionals.

The number of employees, and Board of Directors of PT Berau Coal Energy, Tbk. and Group (excluding Board of Commissioner) as at 31 Desember 2014 is 842 employees.

Employee Development
One of the ways to improve competency is attending training programs. All employees areeligible to attend one or more training every year based on needs. In 2014, there were 1,108 training participants.The total topics studied in the training is 90 topics, composing of 74 topics in public training and 16 topics  inhouse training

The Company improves employee welfare by providing loan facilities for house purchasing. In 2013, there were 321 employees who received the loans and facilities.