To support Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), PT Berau Coal conducted some efforts to improve the health quality of the people in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. The company’s health programs include malnutrition prevention by providing additional foods for 4,233 kids in 27 villages developed by PT Berau Coal.

PT Berau Coal also implements public health service, including free medical examination and treatment. The service has been done in 32 villages and up to end of 2013 total 4,913 people have benefited from this service.

Furthermore, PT Berau Coal has undertaken rehabilitation of sub-health centers (Puskesmas) and provided health facilities for Puskesmas, such as beds for patients, cupboards, water supply infrastructures and supporting buildings, revitalization of integrated service posts (Posyandu) through nutrition posts, as well as BSP (Berau Sanitation Program) by provision of sanitation access and water closet construction for the public.

PT Berau Coal also collaborated with Health Faculty of University of Indonesia and Health Office of Local Government of Berau to hold implementer training in nutrition improvement program through positive deviance approach in the villages mentored by PT Berau Coal.

Which has been properly running as described below :

  1. Mother and Child Health, the mother and child health program has carried out the following activities: Provide additional food, provide basic food stuff to isolated indigenous communities (Kat ) in KM 10 Lati, Birang and sambarata with the goal of helping them to meet their needs, Provide community health services and free medication.
  2. Posyandu revitalization, conduct training for health cadres the purpose of this program is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the people on clean and healthy lifestyle, and make them ready to respond to health problems arising in their villages. Survey on Nutrition in 21 villages as representatives of 38 villages in sponsored villages in 2011. the survey that was done in cooperation with the Health Office and PDRC of the Faculty of Community Health of the university of indonesia, aimed at understanding the nutrition status and health of the people and other things related to pt Berau Coal. Conduct enumerator training in the Mother and Children Health program in cooperation with the Health Office and the Positive Deviance Resource Centre (PDRC) of the Faculty of Community Health of the university of indonesia in 2011. the training was participated by 18 people including those from enumerators, Berau Regency’s Health Office and PKK.
  3. Development of sanitation, this program was conducted in 2011, where the company constructed toilets for families, conducted endemic disease prevention and managed domestic waste.
  4. Community Health service, the community health service was carried out in free health checks and medical treatments.