The social economic program aims at developing self-sustained and prosperous communities through two main programs provision of road lighting facility and the economic development around mining areas

  1.  Cocoa, the cocoa agribusiness was developed in 7 locations of demoplots program in 7 villages. in addition, in terms of counseling and mentoring for cacao farmers, pt Berau Coal cooperated with Coffee & Cacao research Center (pusLitKoKa) in jember, east java, to supervise the running of cultivation. this supervision function was also supported by Local Development Officer (LDO).
  2. Rubber, in 2011, the company’s comdev has opened a main plantation covering one-hectare area, and provided 50,000 seedlings. pt Berau Coal also cooperated with Balai getas in bringing 3,100 superior stum klon seedlings and supervising the running of the cultivation activity
  3. Oranges, the development of Main plantation /Blok pengadaan Mata tempel (BPMT)] was conducted in the area of Binungan Mine operation (BMO), which produces germinated seeds of mandarins and siamese oranges
  4. Balinese Cow Farming, this program was held in Kampung Birang through cooperation with PT. Sis and Loka penelitian sapi potong indonesia (Lolit sapi potong), to develop Balinese cow farming on a 5-hecatre land
  5. Micro-, small- and Medium-scale Businesses, the company has developed the following programs for developing micro-, small- and medium-scale businesses, Community Group (KEMAS) & BRI Collatera

Resettlement Project
There are occasions where our planned mining activites mean that communities need to be relocated. During 2013, we continued to work with three specific resettlement areas. We know that resettlement has a significant impact on communities, and we communicate with all stakeholders throughout the resettlement process to ensure that their needs and expectation are heard, understood and met, where possible.

The construction of houses was completed in July 2013 and other ancillary infrastructure is expected to be completed in July 2014. Following the completion of the houses, the resettlement of the local villagers is 100%  complete at the Dayak Punan KM 02 – Sambakungan neighborhood and 95% complete at the two neighborhoods in Meraang. Full resettlement is expected in 2014.

Engagement and consultation continued in 2013 to update the households on progress and to manage concerns that have been raised. The local village heads and village police are generally present at these sessions.

The resettlement has also brought the villagers closer to school and community health center (PUSKESMAS). PT Berau Coal has also considered and will implement post-resettlement support in the four areas of existing community development projects.