Vision & Mission

What are the vision and mission of PT Berau Coal?

Vision: Supporting the realization of a bright future towards its active role as an exponential energy transformer.

Mission: Managing natural resources to become energy sources through environmental friendly operational standards which prioritize public welfare.

What are PT Berau Coal’s values and corporate culture?

Innovative: We push the limit and create new innovation through our staff and technology.

Progressive: We believe in the principle of mutual benefit and we create productive relations with our partners and customers.

Trust: We create our promises through continuous and safe maintenance along with reliable operational.

What is the philosophy of PT Berau Coal?

Human, system, government, shareholders, community, and environment are parts of internal and external elements which form energy in Berau. Berau is the form of a tough process in exponential energy transforming to provide brighter future for the next generations.

Location, Permission & Ownership

Where does PT. Berau Coal operate?

PT. Berau Coal is a mining company operates in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. It is located about 300 kilometres to the north from East Kalimantan Province’s capital city, Samarinda.

What mining permit does PT. Berau Coal have?

PT. Berau Coal started its mining business in April 26th 1983 after receiving Perjanjian Karya Pengusahaan Pertambangan Batubara (PKP2B) or Coal Contract of Work. Today, the concession area of Berau Coal is 118.400 hectare.

Who is the main shareholder in PT. Berau Coal now?

Since established in 1983, PT. Berau Coal has experienced changes in the ownership. Today PT. Berau Coal Energy Tbk is in charge of 90 percent of the company’s share while the other 10 percent is owned by Sojitz Coorporation.

Since when has PT. Berau Coal Energy Tbk’s share been recorded by Indonesia Stock Exchange?

PT. Berau Coal Energy Tbk’s share has been recorded in Indonesia Stock Exchange since Agustus 19th 2010 underneath BRAU code.

Mining and Spare Sources Operation

How many mine site does PT Berau Coal have?

We have three mine sites:

  • Lati mine site, which has produced Agathis and Sungkai types of coal since 1992. This site has a 15 million tons/ year production capacity. The characteristic of Lati’s coal sediment is syncline.
  • Binungan mine site, which has produced Mahoni, Mahoni B, Agathis, and Sungkai types of coal since 1995. This mine site is divided into Block Parapatan, Block 1-4, Block 5-6 , Block 7, and Block 8-10. This mine site has a 17 million tons/year production capacity and 362 million tons spare.
  • Sambarata mine site, which has produced Eboni, Mahoni, Mahoni B, and Agathis types of coal since 2001. Sambarata’s area is divided into blocks A, B, and B1. This mine site has a 5.56 million tons/year production capacity and 58 million tons spare.

How does PT. Berau Coal mine and produce coal?

Mining process starts with planning and site opening stages according to the mining requirements. This includes soil paring and transferring. The soil paring pays detail attention on the land erosion. Before digging the rock layers, blasting is done to weaken rocky surface. This helps the excavator to dig easily. Coals are dug and lifted to the crusher by a dump truck through a stabilized weatherproof road. Then the coals are crushed into a fixed size before placed in the hoarding area before loaded to the barge. Each mine site is handled by different contractors and supervised by the company as a quality control.

How big is the production target of PT. Berau Coal in 2015?

Our target is to produce 27 million ton coal this year.

How big is PT. Berau Coal’s producation now?

In 2014, our coal production reached 24,224,107.674 ton, which contains of 9,921,908.618 ton Lati mine site, 9,285,041.058 ton Binungan mine site, and 5,017,157.998 Ton Sambarata mine site. (Data per December 2014)

How many spare coals that PT. Berau Coal has now?

According to the JORC’s status per June 30th 2014, the company’s spare coals reach the number of 519 million Ton which consists of 285 million Ton as a proven reserve and 234 million Ton as a probable reserve.

How big is PT. Berau’s production capacity?

Based on the fixed plant capacity, in the year 2015 PT Berau Coal is capable of producing 32 million MT coals. This production capacity will increase each year according to the mine site’s production plans.

Who are the contractors operating in PT. Berau Coal’s 3 mine sites now?

The contractors are PT.Buma, PT.SIS, PT.Madhani Talata Nusantara, PT.Ricobana Abadi, PT.Darma Henwa, and PT.Mutiara Tanjung Lestari

How many staff or labour work for PT. Berau Coal’s operational activities until now?

There are 11.582 staff or labour who work in Berau Coal’s operational activities (Data per Desember 2014)

Product (Brand)

What is the characteristic of PT. Berau Coal’s coal product?

PT Berau Coal produces sub-bituminous coal with low ash and chalk level along with high calorie level between 5.000-5.500 kcal/kg suitable for power plant’s fuel.

What are the coal products of PT. Berau Coal?

PT Berau Coal produces four brands of coal. They are Eboni, Mahoni A and B, Agathis and Sungkai. Those names are taken from Indonesian strong, long-lasting, and multifunctional wood. The woods represent Berau’s coal products’ characteristics. The four brands also remind us of wood as the symbol of PT. Berau Coal’s attention and participation in environment and nature greening as well as supporting the company’s motto.


What are the coal shipping facilities owned by PT. Berau Coal?

PT Berau Coal has 6 (six) modern coal terminal facilities which handle loading boats and regular boats:

  • FTS Bulk Borneo, 32.000 MT/day capacities.
  • FTS Bulk Java, 28.000 MT/day capacities.
  • FTS Bulk Sumatera, 30.000 MT/day capacities.
  • FC. Chloe, 30.000 MT/day capacities.
  • FC. Blitz, 20.000 MT/day capacities.
  • FOTP. Derawan, 28.000 MT/day capacities.

Marketing & Distribution Area

How is the distribution process of PT. Berau Coal’s product?

PT Berau Coal carries coal through the river. The coals are carried from the mine sites on a barge to a pre-shipping point located in the estuary of Sulawesi Sea beach.

What are the domestic markets of PT. Berau Coal’s coal? How are the percentages?

Berau Coal’s coal domestic markets are PT Indonesia Power (64.99%), PT Jawa Power (28.9%), PT Sumber Segara Primadaya (4.54%), PT Semen Bosowa (1.13%), and PT Holcim Indonesia (0.44%).

What are the international markets of PT. Berau Coal’s coal? How are the percentages?

Our coal productions are shipped to China (33%), Taiwan (8%), India (26 %), Korea (8 %), and Japan (3 %).

What is the advantage of PT. Berau Coal’s marketing and distribution aspects comparing to the other coal mining companies?

Comparing to Australia and Africa coal producers, PT Berau Coal owns a competitive advantage due to its mining location on northeastern Kalimantan. This location is closer to East Asian markets, such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Philippines.

PT Berau Coal also has a competitive potencial comparing to other Indonesian coal producers because the company’s strategic location is close to Segah river and Kelai as well as Sulawesi Sea. The mine products can easily carried to the port by trucks through hauling track to be passed by bardges to the pre-shipping point.

What is the most popular Berau Coal product?

The highest selling volume of Berau Coal product is Sungkai with 51 % and 5.500 adb calorie.

Environmental Management

How is PT. Berau Coal’s commitment towards environment?

The company makes sure that every mining activity fulfils the good mining practice’s requirements and parallel with the provided rules covering the mine planning to the mine closure. Berau Coal has a big commitment to environmental management. One of the commitments is created in the form of current technology use, along with product diversification creation, and mine sites reparation activities.

How does PT. Berau Coal manage hazardous and toxic waste from its mine site area?

The management is done according to Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management Procedure. The waste produced by PT Berau Coal’s operational activities are lubricant, used battery, hazard and toxic contaminated hose, hazard and toxic contaminated filter, hazard and toxic contaminated cloth, hazard and toxic contaminated materials, used grease, and medical waste. Hazardous and Toxic Waste is kept in a special temporary storage area which has a license from the Ministry of Environment and Berau Regent in Lati, Binungan, and Sambarata. The waste is carried to the Ministry of Environment’s licensed collectors or processors while hazard and toxic contaminated filter and cloth waste are processed using the Ministry of Environment’s licensed incinerator.

How does PT. Berau Coal control pollution and greenhouse effect?

The company always maintains the quality of its exhaust emissions to avoid it from exceeding the specified border which is dangerous for health. PT Berau Coal continuously perform internal supervision and point out independent research company, such as Sucofindo, to monitor the exhaust emissions and the air quality in the office, mining areas, and occupancy areas surround the mine sites. The monitoring results are reported to the internal party and the competent authorities.

How many trees planted by PT. Berau Coal until the year 2014?

In 2014, 245.245 pioneer and relay planting plants had been planted in a 244.76 Ha wide re-vegetation land.

What plants have been planted in PT. Berau Coal’s re-vegetation area?

The types of plants PT. Berau Coal planted in the revegetation activity were divided into 2 categories. The first category is pioneer plants which consist of Sengon Laut, Sengon Buto, Johar, Angsana, Acacia, Trembesi, Ketapang, and Jabon. The second category is relay planting plants which consist of Meranti, Kapur, Ulin,  and fruits.

What is the comparison between the replanted and reclamated area in PT. Berau Coal mining area?

From a 9,650.41 hectare disturbed area, 6,770.06 hectare wide (101.99%) reclamation and 3,054.55 hectare wide (102.46%) re-vegetation have been done so far. (Accumulative data up to Desember 2014)

Mine Closure

What is the strategy of PT. Berau Coal’s mine closure?

Berau Coal’s mine closure programme is applying three pillars; agreement between the community, the government, and the company. Through the agreement, new useful and sustainable mining activities emerge, even after the mining activities end. The development is divided into 3 zones; Interest Zone, Intensive Zone, and Suspension Zone.

How is PT. Berau Coal’s responsibility towards exploited mining area?

Exploited mining area is closed immediately without waiting for all the mining operation to end. Mining closure activity is arranged in the Annual Technical and Environment Work Plan and mine closure planning which is approved by the government with the regency’s spatial consideration. Therefore, the area formed parallel with the local government’s spatial plan.

How to utilize a former mining area?

A former mining area is managed in such a way to gain advantages for the local community. Berau Coal always communicates and cooperates with local government and community to find out the type of land utilization in order to fulfil their needs. PT Berau Coal has done some activities on the former mining area, such as productive plants cultivation, fishing pool and recreation building, along with re-vegetation and reclamation to restore the habitat of wild plants and animals. Another mine closure programme is integrated nature tourism development which combines nature, education, and tourism elements for the members of the family to enjoy.

Occupational Health & Safety

 How does PT. Berau Coal manage its occupational health & safety?

Occupational and environmental health and safety is the main priority of PT Berau Coal. The company also owns an occupational and environmental health and safety called the Berau Coal Green Mining System or Be GeMS. Be GeMS means “be gems”, which represents the company as a high value mining company, just like gems.

What are the awards PT. Berau Coal has received in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety?

PT Berau Coal has recieved a lot of awards for its commitment in environmental mining. In 2014, the company received a Gold  for PROPER award for Lati mine site, Green for Lati and Sambarata in East Kalimantan Province level.

The Company’s Social Responsibility

 What are the vision and mission of PT Berau Coal’s community development activities?

The vision of our community development activities is to improve the community to be wealthy independently and sustainably. The mission is to develop better life quality by using high competitive local sources.

How is PT Berau Coal’s community development programme’s concept?

We placed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme along with the company’s other activities. This is our effort to maintain the company’s business sustainability by focusing on the unity of economic, social, and occupational health and safety aspects.

How are the stages and strategies of PT. Berau Coal’s CSR Programme?    

The implementation of the company’s CSR programme has been done since the year 2000 with “Giving, Involving, Sharing, Participating and Sustaining” strategy and approaching aspect. This strategy is made to help the community to develop themselves when the mining activities end in 2025.

How does PT. Berau Coal plan its CSR programme?

Our CSR programme starts with social mapping by the experts. Based on this map, Berau Coal invites the stakeholders from the government and community to arrange a community action plan (CAP).

How does PT. Berau Coal implement the CAP?

CAP is implemented through community empowerment programmes by Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Berau Coal (YDBBC). The programme has 4 pillars strategy; (1) Education and knowledge, (2) Health and Nutrition, (3) Environment and Culture, (4) Socioeconomic Contribution, which are supported by social infrastructure development.

How does PT. Berau Coal pay its CSR activities?

PT Berau Coal’s social responsibility activities’ budget goes along the market condition of coal business. Besides that, we also consider the types of community’s basic and emergency needs to be provided immediately. If the company’s profit increases, the CSR budget will also increase. Since 2005, Berau Coal’s CSR budget has never decreased. In 2011 and 2012 the budget rose consistently along with the increase of financial performance and the company’s production.

Where do the 4 pillars applied?

The 4 pillars strategy is prioritised in 38 locations around the mine sites where the communities get direct impact of the mining operation.

What are the results of the community development activities of PT. Berau Coal?

The results of the community development activities are:


Through the “Compulsory 12 Years” education programme, PT. Berau Coal’s CSR has given transportation support in 8 villages for 787 children, educational support for 1.122 students in 19 villages, and scholarship for 35 students. There were also 128 university students received full scholarships and 107 university students received partial scholarships. Besides that, PT Berau Coal has built 9 boarding houses for primary, secondary, and vocational schools students who are studying in Tanjung Redeb sub-district schools. PT Berau Coal also gave teacher training through a qualification programme for 212 primary school and early education teachers. The company supports Remote Indigenous Communities to read, write and count in collaboration with some education institutions. In addition, there are more programme introduced such as Higher Education Centre and Parapatan Integrated Vocational institution, and “Generasi Emas Berau” scholarship programme. Besides school students the company also trains 289 school teachers and 300 head teachers. A “smart home” in the village is also being activated and developed. Now there are two active “smart homes”.

Health and Nutrition

PT. Berau Coal’s CSR programme implemented 3 main programmes; health service, mother and child health as well as environment sanitation. One of the health service activities is giving free medication in 38 villages. Besides, there is also health check-up as a collaboration form of Public Health Centre and General Hospital. For mother and child health programme, the activities are nutrient post for malnutrition children and health training. The environment sanitation, on the other hand, was done by toilet building in 9 villages and Water Treatment Plant building in 7 villages, and 11 Water Treatment Plant along with community health development programme and endemic diseases prevention.


Berau Coal’s activities include local cultural preservation, such as Keraton Sambaliung, Keraton Gunung Tabur, Dayak traditional art, and Berau tradition. The company also does an initiation in Maratua Island’s Kampung Wisata and Kampung Merasa, religious development in Alquran education centre, and participation in natural disaster and environment campaign at schools.

Socioeconomic Contribution 

PT Berau Coal helps strengthening local economy by giving business development capital in collaboration with bank in a form of collateral in the area of agriculture, plantation, fishery, and livestock. PT. Berau Coal’s CSR also gives training, technical guidance, and production facilities. SMK3L training is given to local work partners who are related to mining operational. The monitoring of cooperative surround mine site to limited company transformation in labour distribution to PT. Berau Coal and its contractor. The economy strengthening has produced meaningful results. Some agriculture and plantation have been harvested, and the small or medium business’ working units has become PT Berau Coal’s operational working partner.


PT Berau Coal has helped the building of public facilities in education, health, and economic sector. In the year 2014 there are ± 82 infrastructure developments by the company.