PT Berau Coal is highly committeed in doing the best for development of local human resources in its operational areas. To prove its commitment, in the beginning of May 2013, PT Berau Coal attained appreciation from Government of East Kalimantan Province as a company that cares for education in East Kalimantan.

A similar award was attained PT Berau Coal in September 2012 on Gelar Karya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat. PT Berau Coal achieved Platinum award in 9 year basic educational program for the children of ethnic community from Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare.

The achievement is aligned to the vision of community development of Berau Coal aimed at enabling the community around the mining sites empowered, prosperous and independent. Also in line with the company’s vision to encourage improvement of people’s life quality which is based on local resources and competitive.

The awards have been the evidences for Berau Coal to entitle the community as the main stakeholder, without disregarding other stakeholders. It is in accordance with vision, missions and objectives of the company’s social responsibility: “The company puts social responsibility as priority, aligned to other activities. Our commitment to preserving the company’s sustainability by taking concerns about unity of the aspects of economy, social as well as occupational health safety and environment.”

The commitment is manifested through community development conducted by Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Berau Coal. Early stage of the Community Development held since year 2000 is called Giving period and today has been on Sharing stage. In this process, the program is focused on activities based on the interest of stakeholders, including identification, planning, implementation and monitoring.